Fees and Payment Options

House Call Fee


The housecall fee is the travel fee associated with the amount of time/distance it takes to get to you. This is in addition to the examination fee.


The housecall varies from $30-75 based on the distance from Saginaw and traffic considerations.

Exam Fee


The exam fee may range from $50-75 depending on the scope of the problems and the amount of time it required to address the concerns of the patient.


There are additional charges for services, vaccinations, medications. I will attempt to provide you with an estimate for all services prior to the appointment, but be aware that additional medications or procedures may incur additional costs. 



Alternative Therapy (Acupuncture Treatment)


Initial Assessment and Treatment $185 + Housecall


Includes as needed:

  • Exam
  • Acupuncture
  • Electro-acupuncture
  • VOM
  • Laser   

Follow Up and Recheck Treatments $105 + Housecall


If the patient is not accepting of acupuncture I may perform an abbreviated treatment without needles, using pressure points, certain massage techniques, adjusting, and laser therapy. Chinese Herbal medication or supplements may be recommended or prescribed if needed.



I accept cash, checks, and most credit/debit cards